Sophia is implicated in the fire that destroyed Shady Pines. A woman named Maria who was a resident there made a deathbed confession that she and Sophia started it. Sophia said that Maria was always out to get her because she was jealous that Sophia still had her own hair. Sophia is arrested and the trial is set for the following month. Sophia tries everything she can to remember details that will clear her but ultimately can’t. She starts to remember times where she’s done some peculiar things.

Sophia thinks she going to prison. She hated Shady Pines. She can’t remember, but she’s certain she must have somehow done it. Later, she begins reminiscing with Dorothy over some of the times they’ve shared. Dorothy wonders why she’s going down memory lane all of a sudden. Sophia says that she may not see her for a while. Dorothy says that they can’t prove she started the fire and she’s not going to jail. Sophia says they can’t be sure of that. So she’s decided to leave the country.

Season 6, Episode 24: Never Yell Fire in a Crowded Retirement Home (Part One)

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