Dorothy, Rose, and Sophia continue to try and come up with a solution to Sophia’s problem. The girls start talking about how they’re in the perfect place for it, the kitchen. They begin recalling times they’ve solved problems there in the past. Dorothy is shocked when she gets a phone call telling her that Sophia was caught trying to buy a ticket out of the country.

The date of the trial is approaching. Rose does some digging and discovers some shady dealings involved in the aftermath of the fire. It’s almost enough to get Sophia off. But her lawyer Herb tells her that they need some piece of evidence to discredit Maria to invalidate her confession. Herb says something that brings it all back for Sophia. She’s able to remember everything now. Herb says it looks like it will be enough to get the charges dropped, and it is. Sophia tells everyone she wasn’t worried so much about jail itself. What worried her the most was the thought of leaving the most important people in her life.

Season 6, Episode 25: Never Yell Fire in a Crowded Retirement Home (Part Two)

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