Dorothy has been made the producer of the first graders’ production of Henny Penny. But the show almost gets cancelled when the entire cast is quarantined due to one of the students coming down with the measles. Dorothy gets an idea to recast the show with adults. Rose is cast as Henny Penny. Dorothy and Blanche are to play Turkey Lurkey and Goosey Loosey. But Rose didn’t read the end of the script until two days before the show was set to go on. She wasn’t aware the the play ends with the three characters being eaten by Foxy Loxy.

She eventually agrees to perform in the play as scheduled. It goes well at first until Rose decides to appeal to the kids in the audience. She asks them to clap if they want to see the three characters saved. When nobody does, Rose gets angry and has to be taken off the stage by Dorothy and Blanche. Despite that, the reviews are positive and the school’s library has been busier than ever thanks to the kids’ newfound interest in reading.

Season 6, Episode 26: Henny Penny- Straight No Chaser

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