After decades of ups and downs (mostly downs) at business, Stan has finally made it with one of his inventions. He’s now worth several million dollars after inventing the Zbornee, America’s first baked potato opener. He announces that he has plans to import the Zbornee to Japan and is meeting next week with investors from the country. He wants Dorothy to accompany him to the reception but she doesn’t want to. Rose wants to have a yard sale. Blanche doesn’t want a bunch of people on her property so she pays Rose to take her things off her hands. Blanche later discovers a number of war bonds that St. Olaf printed in the 40s. It turns out they’re worth tens of thousands of dollars. Rose thinks Blanche should split the money but Blanche disagrees. The two get to the point where they’re barely speaking. The issue is put to a vote. The result is that the money will be split. But there later turns out to be a problem. If St. Olaf cashes the bonds, they’ll be bankrupt. Blanche wants to cash them anyway. Dorothy eventually convinces Blanche not to cash them. Rose says that St. Olaf is so grateful that they’re going to erect a statue in Blanche’s honor out of their emergency statue fund. Already having ripped up the bonds, Blanche tells Rose to call St. Olaf and explain that they can take the money out of the statue fund to replace the money the town would lose by cashing the bonds.

Stan keeps buying gifts for Dorothy and Sophia including a brand new convertible for Dorothy. Dorothy finally tells him that she doesn’t want his gifts, doesn’t even want anything to do with him. He tells Dorothy he thought maybe he could make up for his mistakes but she won’t let him. He promises not to bother her anymore. That doesn’t last long. He comes over and asks Dorothy to tie his tie. They begin to talk about old times. He also mentions how apprehensive he is now. He’s wanted success his whole life and now has it and it scares him. Dorothy eventually agrees to go to the reception. They have a wonderful time. He thanks her for being there for him tonight. Stan said it felt good being a team again. He kisses her and says maybe they can do it again sometime.

Season 6, Episode 3: If at Last You Do Succeed

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