Dorothy helps Sophia deliver for Meals on Wheels. She gets frustrated when Sophia spends time with every resident in the apartment building. She sees a man named Jimmy who appears to he perfectly fine and wonders why he’s taking the food. He says he’s as disabled as anyone else there which Dorothy doubts. Jimmy says that he hasn’t left his apartment since the 60s. Dorothy starts to spend more time with him and feels she’s making progress with him. It seems as if she finally has a breakthrough. Jimmy tells Dorothy he’s tired of isolating. But it doesn’t mean he’s ready to go to a counselor. He wants Dorothy to live with him. He even says that he loves her. Dorothy says that she likes him but not in that way. Jimmy is crushed. He says he thought this would he his chance to not be alone anymore. He says he’ll never leave his apartment again.

Blanche is upset because she has a birthday coming up. She tells the girls that she doesn’t want the subject brought up again. So what does Rose do? She says she’ll throw Blanche a party. Blanche later overhears Rose mentioning it and demands that she cancels her plans. Blanche later has time to think about it and has decided to embrace her birthday and is thrilled when her surprise party begins. Dorothy is able to convince Jimmy to actually leave his apartment. He goes to the grocery store. He turns out to be the one millionth customer but gets terrified at the sirens as well as the balloons and streamers that fall. He runs out of the store. Dorothy thinks she made a big mistake but Jimmy comes to the house. He says after he got over his initial shock, he realized he was alone again. And he doesn’t want to be alone anymore. He realizes that if there are good people like Dorothy in it, maybe he can give the world a chance after all.

Season 6, Episode 4: Snap Out of It

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