Blanche is preparing to auction off Big Daddy’s possessions. He’s been gone for a year so it’s finally time. Blanche is shocked when she gets a phone call from Viola Watkins, her childhood “Mammy.” She tells how Mammy Watkins was her only friend as a child. Blanche loved her. But one day she left without any explanation. Blanche was crushed. Mammy Watkins later comes to the house. She tells how sorry she was to hear of Big Daddy’s passing. She heard about the auction. She had given him a music box and can’t bear the thought of a stranger buying it. She’s in no position to bid for it. She was hoping Blanche could give it to her as a gift. Blanche is outraged. She says doesn’t hear from her for decades and out of the blue she comes just to ask for the music box. Blanche throws her out. She later comes back and says she didn’t just come for that. But the music box is more important than she realizes. She tells Blanche that she and Big Daddy were lovers. Blanche goes from furious to shocked.

Sophia hires a matchmaker for Dorothy. But she sets her up with a convicted criminal. He tells her how they were brought together. Dorothy is livid. She tells her mother to stop butting into her life. They stop speaking for a short time. Sophia eventually apologizes. She mentions that matchmaking is an old tradition and people were always happy being brought together by a third party and that she wants Dorothy to be happy. She understands but tells her mother that she doesn’t need a man to be happy. Mammy Watkins comes back. Blanche asks how she could just leave that way. She said she had to because Blanche’s mother found out about the affair. Blanche accused her of not caring. She tells Blanche that she may not have been right there but she was always around. She even attended Blanche’s wedding, but stayed out of sight. Blanche never knew this until now. The two hug. Blanche says she wants Mammy Watkins to have the music box. But it turns out this was a different music box. The question is now, as Mammy Watkins put it, is who the hell gave him this one?

Season 4, Episode 5: Wham, Bam, Thank You, Mammy

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