Dorothy is flunking the star of the football team at the school where she is subbing for the whole semester. She doesn’t enjoy failing Kevin but he’s lazy. After numerous attempts by school staff to change her mind, Dorothy sticks to her guns and refuses to let Kevin play. She later receives a package with a threatening note. Sophia begs Dorothy to change Kevin’s grade and she finally relents. Kevin and the coach come over to the house. Kevin says he wanted to do his work but has been busy with football. She says if he can spare two evenings a week, she’ll tutor him privately and give him an incomplete which will allow him to play. He agrees, but only after football season ends. Dorothy says he can take her deal or leave it.

Rose deals with a situation with her dentist. She thinks he fondled her. But she’s initially hesitant to report him since he’s not completely sure he did it as she was still groggy from the anesthesia. He tells her that in her woozy state she probably imagined it and that he probably accidentally brushed up against her. She apologizes and he accepts. He begins his examination. Unfortunately, his actions prove that Rose was correct. Completely alert this time, she now vows to report him to the state dental board. Kevin gets hurt in the game and Dorothy visits him in the hospital. She’s come not only to visit him but also to begin tutoring as part of their agreement since the football season is over for him. She begins reading from the novel she previously assigned. Hopefully this will put Kevin on the right track towards getting his education.

Season 6, Episode 6: Feelings

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