Sophia’s best friend, a nun, passes away. Sophia decides that she’s going to join the convent. She says God spoke to her at the funeral and told her to join the order. Dorothy can’t believe what she’s hearing. Sister Claire who interviewed Sophia later comes to the house. She gives Sophia a psychological test. Blanche makes a slight faux pas by using a naughty word in front of Sister Clare. But it’s okay. She’s a Baptist. Dorothy still has trouble believing that Sophia is serious. She asks Sister Claire if she has this much trouble with her children. 🤣🤣

Blanche gets into an accident with Rose’s car. She like to meet rich men by gently tapping their bumpers at red lights. But a “dork in a duster” cut in front of her at the last second and she rear ends him. Now he’s suing. But it’s Rose who’s the defendant because the accident was in her car. Blanche tries to seduce Mr. Nivingston to prove that he’s faking his injury. He almost falls for it at first, but gets away before he can incriminate himself. She and Rose eventually are able to prove he was faking and have the photo to prove it. Sophia is officially a nun. But the reverend mother can’t stand her. Dorothy comes for a visit and is told that Sophia will have to leave as she’s a “stubborn, vindictive pack mule of a woman who won’t follow the rules.” Sophia wonders who will take her best friend’s place. Dorothy says nobody can. She belonged there but Sophia doesn’t. She goes home and Dorothy says it’s nice to have her back.

Season 6, Episode 8: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Sophia?

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