Blanche has a secret admirer. He’s sent her a room full of flowers and wants to meet with her at a restaurant. The rest of the girls go with her. He approaches the table and Blanche turns around. But she’s horrified by what she’s seeing. She says if she didn’t know any better that he was dead that the man is George!! George goes to the house and explains that it is indeed him. He staged his death. His partner was embezzling in their business and arranged it so that all signs pointed to George. He said he should have faced the music but he took the easy way out. He’s come back to ask if Blanche will be his wife again.

Dorothy is being pursued by Sonny Bono and Lyle Waggoner. They both appeared in the same production at the local dinner theatre and fell in love with Dorothy. Dorothy tells them both that she’s confused and needs time to think. Sonny even comes over to the house to make “one final plea for her heart.” They later come over needing a decision. Lyle gets arrested as a suspect in a major crime spree where Sonny is mayor. Dorothy tells Sonny that what he’s done is a gross abuse of power. But the power is attractive to her and she picks Sonny. George and Blanche meet. They recall how they met. Blanche says she still hasn’t seen in anyone else’s eyes what she sees in his. They hug and then Blanche wakes up. It was all a recurring dream. She says she usually feels so empty after the dream. But it was different this time. She got to hold him. She always woke up before she got to hold him. But this time she could actually feel him and still can.

Season 6, Episode 9: Mrs. George Devereaux

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