Rose finds a camera that Charlie had with film still in it. Dorothy gets the pictures developed. They were from his last trip to Florida. But Rose is horrified to find that one of the pictures shows Charlie in bed with Blanche. Rose doesn’t know what to think and says she can’t discuss it with Blanche because she may end up saying something she regrets. With the help of Dorothy, Rose gives Blanche a piece of her mind. Blanche assures Rose that she doesn’t go to bed with married men. Blanche has kept records of all the man she’s dated. She’s stunned to find that she once slept with a traveling salesman named Chuck, who she assumes must be Rose’s husband Charlie. She’s stunned and apologizes to Rose. Rose walks out distraught and devastated.

Dorothy thinks that Sophia may be losing her hearing. She eventually convinces her to get her hearing checked. In a strange twist, Sophia’s hearing is fine but Dorothy needs a hearing aid. She refuses at first, believing it will turn her into an old woman. Sophia eventually talks sense into her and she goes and gets one. Rose decides to forgive Blanche, even though what happened was before they even met. Dorothy looks at the rest of the photos and realizes there’s been a huge mistake. The photos were double exposures and showed Blanche in bed a pontoon boat among other things. All is well now and Rose doesn’t have to go through the rest of her life thinking that Charlie has as much taste in women as… other men… w-with… flawed… choicing.. skills.

Season 7, Episode 1: Hey, Look Me Over

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