Blanche is devastated when she learns that her grammy’s plantation is being demolished. She’s had so many wonderful memories there as a child and can’t bear the thought of it not being there anymore. While Blanche is talking about it with Dorothy, Rose frantically says that Sophia has passed out. Rose says she walked in and saw her choking and has been unable to revive her. All of a sudden, we see Sophia apparently crossing over the other side. She’s told that she’s in Heaven. She hears a voice call out for her; it’s Sal. Sophia is thrilled. She and Sal are finally together again. Just when Sophia says that she’ll never let go, we’re taken back to the house. Rose is finally able to bring Sophia back. Sophia is upset at Rose because she wants to be with the love of her life. Dorothy says that she must have been dreaming. She decides to live for the day from this point on. But she’s making Dorothy crazy with all her talk of the “white light.” Blanche announces that she’s going to Atlanta. She has to see the plantation one more time.

The girls arrive at the plantation, which was turned into a bed-and-breakfast after Grammy died. The moment Blanche sees it, a trove of memories come rushing into her mind. She goes up to her old bedroom. Dorothy is getting impatient. She wants Blanche to face reality. Blanche says that her grandmother’s spirit is in Blanche’s old bedroom. She then handcuffs herself to the radiator and says if they want to blow the home up they’ll have to do it with her in it. Dorothy says that Blanche is as impossible as her mother and she can rot there for all she cares. Downstairs, Dorotby sees something that eventually makes her realize that if Blanche can feel the spirit of her grandmother, then perhaps her mother really was in the white light. Blanche is about to be arrested but comes down saying that Grammy came and told her it was time to go. The girls get home and Dorothy and Sophia talk about what happened. Sophia clears up that she isn’t ready to die, she’s just not afraid of death anymore. She then calls Dorothy by the nickname Sal had for Dorothy. Dorothy says she must have told her mother some time and just forgot. Sophia tells her that Sal said he was proud of her. Dorothy says perhaps there are things that are hard to understand and believe that really do happen. The episode ends with Blanche saying goodnight to her grammy and feeling better than ever.

Season 7, Episode 11: Room 7

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