Blanche is nervous because a soldier she dated before going off to fight in the Gulf War is returning home but she can’t remember him. He comes over and upon seeing him she still can’t remember who he is. She finally finds out his name is Bill but it still doesn’t ring a bell. They go to dinner and Bill tells Blanche that he kept her picture in his locker. That photo was what kept him going. He told her that she promised him that she’d be his one and only. He asks her to dance. She welcomes him home and the two kiss. Sophia is making out her will and using Rose as her legal counsel. Rose accidentally reveals the amount in Sophia’s estate. Dorothy is furious. She’s been making sacrifices for years so that her mother could have a good life. Sophia says the money is for her old age. Dorothy says she’s not paying for anything anymore.

Bill comes by the next morning to see Blanche and give her a rose. She’s distressed to find that he’s a pharmacist. She loves him when he’s a soldier but is unsure how she feels about him in his civilian career. But she can’t bring herself to break up with him because of what he’s done for his country. Later, she does try to call things off in a letter. But Dorothy convinces her not to because it would be a cold thing to do and he deserves a face-to-face explanation. The two finally realize that they really don’t know each other and would like to do so as good friends. Dorothy comes to the realization that she likes taking care of her mother but wishes she could have been honest about the money. Sophia says it’s not that she wants it for herself. If she doesn’t leave anything to her kids, she’ll feel like a nobody. Dorothy makes her realize that it’s not the money that defines your legacy, it’s the memories you leave.

Season 7, Episode 12: From Here to the Pharmacy

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