It’s Rose’s birthday. And as usual, Blanche does everything she can do to undermine Dorothy’s gift so that hers will look better. Rose loves what Dorothy got her but doesn’t know what to make of Blanche’s gift. She hired a private detective to follow Miles around. She’s noticed Miles trying to act younger and trendier. Rose says she can’t accept the gift but does when Blanche reminds her that Miles was previously in witness protection. Miles and Rose go out on the lanai. Miles eventually finds out about the detective and is furious at Rose for not trusting him. He storms off and she goes after him. Rose later reads the detective report and is concerned when she reads that Miles has confirmed surgery for the following day.

Pope John Paul II is in town. Sophia wants him to bless her friend in the hospital. She manages to get ahold of his ring. Dorothy is flabbergasted that Sophia took it. She convinces her to return it. But Sophia later says she lost the ring. But she reveals herself to have been lying. She said she was just trying to buy time so that the pope will bless her friend who is still sick. Dorothy now has the ring and Sophia called for someone to come pick up it up. She thinks the pope himself is coming but he doesn’t. A priest from the local diocese comes for it. Sophia tells him that she wants a special blessing for her friend. The priest promises a prayer will be said. Rose decides to go to the hospital. He reveals that he’s having cosmetic surgery. Rose vows to support him and the two agree that they’ll never keep secrets from each other again.


Season 7, Episode 13: The Pope's Ring

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