Rose gets a call from Thor Anderson from St. Olaf. He’s in town and wants to get together to discuss old times. But that could be a problem since Rose doesn’t remember who he is. He finally arrives and she still can’t remember who Thor is after seeing him. Sophia is going through the personals to find a man. She finally sees one she likes. Marvin and Sarah arrive for the date. Sarah says shes Marvin’s sister. They go out and Sophia later says she’s starting to like him. But she says it’s difficult to establish a connection with him because Sarah’s always around. She finally tells him she has no right to run her life, she’s only his sister. Marvin says she’s not his sister, she’s his wife. Sarah comes over and finally explains everything. She’s dying and only has a few months left. She said she wouldn’t be able to rest in peace unless she knows there’s someone there for Marvin. And that’s where Sophia comes in. Sarah wants her to take her place. Sophia is stunned but says after they leave that shes going to do it. She feels bad about Sarah but knows she can’t change that. And if they could be together and happy, what’s wrong with that?

Thor comes for dinner at the house. He says Rose gave him his first real kiss. She still doesn’t remember but Thor finally does something to refresh her memory. It finally hits Rose who Thor is and she feels terrible. She used him to make Charlie jealous. Thor confesses that he’s always loved her and has come to take her back home with him. Thor later stops by and Rose finally tells him that she can’t remember anything except that she used him to make Charlie jealous. Thor is embarrassed and devastated. He starts to leave. But he stops and kisses Rose; everything comes back to her after that. She remembers every detail. Thor is relieved. He tells her she doesn’t know what it means to him. But it wasn’t so romantic for Rose. She said he didn’t know how to kiss forty years ago and he doesn’t know how to kiss today. Dorothy and Sophia are at the home of Marvin and Sarah. She tells the story of how she met Marvin and they then share a tender moment. Sophia sees this and says she can’t go through with it. She was doing this because she wanted to help. But she saw the way that Marvin looked at Sarah and doesn’t believe that he could ever look at her that way. Sarah is furious. She said it’s what Marvin wants. But he says it isn’t. Marvin never wanted any of this. He only went along because it meant so much to Sarah. Sarah said she only did it to make her happy. She says she feels so guilty for leaving her. He tells her not to because he’ll be along soon enough. Marvin and Sarah hold each other and share another tender moment.

Season 7, Episode 14: Old Boyfriends

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