Dorothy gets a phone call from a high school teacher she had a massive crush on growing up. She tells Mr. Gordon to come to the house so they can have lunch. Sophia eats with them too. In true Sophia fashion, she brings out funny photographs of Dorothy as a child. Mr. Gordon has recently retired but intends to start writing for a newspaper. Dorothy offers to help him with it and he accepts. Rose has been made associate producer of the talk show Wake Up, Miami. She brings up the idea of women who live together and her bosses loved it. The problem is she had the idea of roommates in mind and they wanted women who were in romantic relationships. But they don’t find out until they go on the air. Dorothy and Blanche are furious with Rose but reluctantly agree to go ahead with it.

Mr. Gordon comes to the studio and gives her flowers before her television debut. He also kisses her. Dorothy is in shock. She works on the article and Sophia is upset. She says she’s letting Mr. Gordon take advantage again just like she did in high school because she would do things like grade his papers for him. Blanche is down because the men in her life have stopped calling because they think she’s a lesbian. But she meets a man named Chuck in the grocery store. He saw her on television. He says she’s probably the way she is because she’s never been with a real man before. Blanche pretends to break it off with Dorothy saying she has to “try” out being with a real man. Mr. Gordon comes over to show Dorothy the article. Not only did he use her title but used her writing verbatim without giving her any credit. She asks him to leave and tells him that they won’t be working together again. Dorothy tells her mother that she’s devastated that her fantasy of Mr. Gordon swooping back into her life like a knight is shining armor is destroyed. Sophia says she can still keep the fantasy alive. It’s part of life.

Season 7, Episode 15: Goodbye, Mr. Gordon

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