Dorothy has a blind date but wants Blanche to go out with him. After everyone stops laughing at her, she explains that it’s because she won tickets on the radio to see Beatlemania. She explains that the Beatles were the first and only rock and roll group that she ever really loved. She almost had the chance to see them in the 60s but one of her kids got sick and she had to miss it. She never did get to see them and the closest she’ll ever get is Beatlemania. Blanche agrees to go out with him. She ends up sleeping with Don from the group. They begin dating and she eventually convinces him to quit the band and go out on his own. But his debut solo performance turns out to be a total disaster and Yoko Zborbak runs out of the venue in embarrassment.

Blanche is enamored with Jerry at first glance. She goes out with him but had a terrible time. She said he wouldn’t open her car door, didn’t pull out her chair, and even made her pay half the bill. Jerry comes by the next day and explains his actions. His wife died fairly recently and he’s been wanting to get back into the swing of things. So he read up on what modern women want. He says it all has him so confused. Blanche gives him another chance. She later starts to wonder if she’s lost her sex appeal. She meets him at a seedy motel and comes on too strongly. He leaves in a huff saying whatever she had planned didn’t work. She later asks him to come by so she could apologize and ask if they could still be friends. But she has to know why he doesn’t find her attractive. He says she’s one of the most attractive women he’s ever met. It’s just that he believes in romance and taking things slowly. They agree to try again. Before Jerry leaves, he and Blanche share their first kiss. She tells Rose what Jerry said about having an old-fashioned romance and taking things slowly. Rose asks how that makes her feel and she says it makes her feel like a lady.

Season 7, Episode 16: The Commitments

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