The apartment building Dorothy co-owns with Stan is infested with bugs. They never knew about the issue so it was never taken care of. Angelo comes by looking for Dorothy but she isn’t home. Rose tells Angelo to take her to his apartment so that she can make the situation public with her bosses at Wake Up, Miami. She had forgotten who owns the building and creates a firestorm of media attention. Dorothy is arrested and the case goes to trial. Stan decides not to use Marvin Mitchelson, his usual attorney, because he says it will make them look like the rich slumlords they’re not. So he hires a less-than-seasoned lawyer named Tracy. The opposing lawyer is Assistant District Attorney Peters whose key strength is flattering witnesses to the point that they forget themselves and tell him exactly what he needs to hear to further his case. The judge sentences Dorothy and Stan to live in the building until it’s brought up to code.

Sophia needs new shoes but Dorothy initially doesn’t want to take her. Blanche eventually does and Dorothy ends up going anyway. But just like every other time, the experience is a disaster and Dorothy is forced to sign in blood that she’ll never take Sophia back again. Stan and Dorothy move into the building to begin their sentence. Stan reminds Dorothy of the old days and their first night alone since having their first baby. Dorothy tells him to do things right and go out and wine and flowers just like on that first night. But it was a clever ruse just to get Stan out of the apartment for a while. She returns home saying she didn’t sleep with Stan but was considering it. She’s a bit confused though. She wonders if she’s ever going to stop having feelings for Stan. Sophia tells her that Stan is a familiar figure in her life, just like her old lady shoes. In both case, like it or not, they’re a part of life.

Season 7, Episode 18: Ebbtide VI: The Wrath of Stan

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