Dorothy is spending yet another evening at home alone. Blanche can’t take seeing this any longer and tells Dorothy that they’re going to the Rusty Anchor. She eventually agrees albeit reluctantly. When they get there, Dorothy is quite uncomfortable at first. The piano player starts to play and asks Dorothy if she’d sing. She does and starts attracting the attention of everyone in the bar. Blanche is noticeably jealous. Dorothy later returns and sings again. Blanche is not used to not being the center of attention. And she’s not when Dorothy is around. Sophia and Rose come back from an Irish wake and surprisingly had a great time. She eventually decides to have her own. She said that people got up and said wonderful things but the deceased wasn’t there to hear them. She doesn’t want that to happen to her. Dorothy refuses to pay for or have any part of it. Rose and Blanche agree to take care of it for her.

But the “wake” is a disaster. Everyone thinks Sophia actually died because Rose forgot to say she was alive on the invitations. Everyone is aghast when Sophia shows up and one woman even faints. Her friends think this is some kind of a sick joke and take her to task. Sophia says she wishes that her wake hadn’t been such a disaster. Rose tells her to look on the bright side because she’ll have another one. Back at the Rusty Anchor, Blanche decides to one up Dorothy this time. She’s decided to sing a song and will be doing so wearing a very risque outfit that certainly takes all the attention away from Dorothy. But the performance is a complete disaster and she runs into the ladies’ room fraught with embarrassment. Blanche admits why she got so upset. She’s not used to someone else getting all the attention. But she can see why Dorothy does. When she sings, she lights up the room. She’s just beautiful up there. Dorothy says that’s the nicest thing she’s ever said to her. They make up and agree to share the Rusty Anchor. They’ll each come on different nights.

Season 7, Episode 19: Journey to the Center of Attention

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