The girls take part in a murder mystery weekend. Blanche is being considered for a job to be Kendall Nesbitt’s assistant so she wants everything to go well. A fake double murder occurs and Dorothy ends up solving the crime. Kendall asks to see Blanche in her room that night. A waiter delivers a bottle of champagne to the room and is horrified to discover Kendall’s dead body on the bed. Blanche was unaware he was there as she was taking a shower before the champagne arrived. Dorothy checks Kendall’s breath by holding a mirror under his nose but there’s no breath.

Blanche is terrified. She thinks she’s going away for the rest of her life. Lieutenant Alvarez begins to charge Blanche for the murder. But something is amiss. Posey McGlinn, Blanche’s main rival for the assistant job, described details that could only have been known had she been there prior to the murder. Dorothy points this out and Posey is revealed to be the culprit. She pulls out a gun and aims it at Dorothy but is stopped by Alvarez. He begins to announce that Posey is being charged with murder when the gag is revealed by Kendall revealing himself to be alive. Kendall’s murder was another part of the show. Blanche is relieved. Not only is Kendall alive but she’s still in line for the job.

Season 7, Episode 2: The Case of the Libertine Belle

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