Blanche is holding a moonlight madness party on the night of the leap year’s full moon. On such a rare occurance, anything can happen. This worries Sophia as she’s reminded of a curse that was put on Dorothy by the village witch where Sophia came from. Sophia has to perform three tasks to counteract the curse including revealing the betrayal of a loved one. Rose has been entering giveaways and finally wins a couple. One of them is an all-expenses-paid honeymoon trip. Blanche says that perhaps it’s a sign that she and Miles should finally get married. The party arrives and the whole world seems to be out of whack. The men are fawning all over Dorothy and Sophia and completely ignoring Blanche.

Rose and Miles discuss someday getting married. Miles says he wants to put a little money away so he can do things properly. Rose tells him about the prize she won and the two decide to go ahead with the engagement. Sophia performs the first two tasks needed to defeat the curse of the strega. Miles and Dorothy talk on the lanai. Miles is concerned. He’s getting married to Rose but doesn’t even know if he can live with her. He wonders if he’s doing something crazy. Dorothy says of course he is- something crazy and wonderful. Miles thanks Dorothy for being a good friend. But the full moon strikes again and the two share a passionate kiss. Sophia sees this and realizes she now can reveal the betrayal of a loved one necessary to beat the curse.

Season 7, Episode 20: A Midwinter Night's Dream (Part One)

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