With Sophia now having witnessed the betrayal of a loved one which will allow her to put an end to the curse of the strega upon revelation, she seeks out Rose. Dorothy and Miles are aghast at what they’ve done. They later end up having a fight. Miles lies and says that Dorothy stole money from him. Sophia eventually finds Rose and tells her what happened. What she didn’t know is that Rose had just made Miles and Dorothy kiss and make up, literally. So Rose is none the wiser. Sophia is let down because Rose didn’t even cry, so it wasn’t even fun for her.

Blanche is falling for Derek. But she’s horrified to discover that something valuable to her has gone missing. Come to think of it, so has Derek. He later returns and admits he took it. But he claims to now be reformed, thanks to Blanche. While she’s out of the room, Derek comes on to and kisses Rose. After the police come back for him, he disappears… this time for good. Dorothy tells Rose about the initial kiss she shared with Miles and Rose (sort of) tells Miles about her kiss with Derek. Dorothy remarks that the whole evening really was like Shakespeare- moonlight and magic, and the wrong people falling for each other. Blanche said that there was thing to say about the evening. She wanted romance and excitement and that’s what she got.

Season 7, Episode 21: A Midwinter Night's Dream (Part Two)

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