Dorothy is speaking at career day but isn’t looking forward to it. She’s supposed to talk about the rewards of a teaching career but just doesn’t believe there are any anymore due to things like budgets being cut and classes being too crowded. Miles’s birthday is coming up. Blanche gets the idea of Rose posing for a boudoir photograph in sexy lingerie. She refuses at first until Blanche puts the idea in her head that she’ll lose Miles otherwise. Dorothy runs into a former student named Randy Becker. He tells her of how she saved him from being a complete goof off who was this close to dropping out. He’s never forgotten that and appreciates what she did for him. He then gets the idea to hire her at a much better salary than she’s earning now to be a motivational trainer with his sales staff.

Her first day goes horribly. Practically none of the men wanted to learn anything. She later tries to motivate them but proves unsuccessful. She tells Randy that she appreciates his hiring her but she belongs in school. She needs the challenge of having students and the feeling that she managed to teach them something. Rose and Miles are at his apartment. She’s just about to give him her gift when some of his colleagues come over to surprise him. Rose tries in vain to get Miles not to open his gift and runs out of the house in embarrassment. Miles comes by the house. He reassures her that he loved the photo. He talks of being younger and beautiful and it being an accident of nature. But when you’re older and still beautiful, that you’ve done yourself. He then says if he had a locker like his days in the military, she’d be in it for sure.

Season 7, Episode 22: Rose, Portrait of a Woman

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