Rose is upset because she found out how much fun her high school reunion was. She had to miss it due to not feeling well. The girls say that she should see a doctor. Rose puts them off, saying that St. Olafians are rough and rugged people who never see doctors. Blanche later gets the idea to crash a high school reunion. East Miami High’s class of 1952 is having their 40th reunion. Rose can go to a high school reunion and Dorothy and Blanche can meet some men. They go and Rose picks out names for all of them, including that of a Korean exchange student for herself. They’re eventually caught. But Rose passes out and Dorothy pleads with someone to get help.

At the hospital, the girls are petrified. They wonder if she’s passed away or perhaps had a major stroke. Blanche prays for the first time in ages. She pleads with God and says if Rose pulls through that she’ll try and be a better person. The doctor comes out and says that she’ll be fine. The girls visit. Rose talks of how she’s never been afraid of dying. She’s going to have her head frozen. She gets the rest of the girls to reluctantly agree to do the same. Blanche’s granddaughter and her daughter Janet come for a visit. Blanche seems to be a changed woman and wants the three of them to go to church together. The girls go to the hospital to take Rose home. But they have the air knocked out of them when a nurse tells them that she went into cardiac arrest and is being prepped for surgery.

Season 7, Episode 23: Home Again, Rose (Part One)

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