Still stunned over just having learned that Rose went into cardiac arrest, the girls want to see Rose but are told by the nurse that they can’t. Only relatives can see a patient before surgery. The hospital has contacted Kirsten but she lives an hour away. They don’t want Rose to be alone. The girls start reminiscing over past events they’ve shared together. But Kirsten walks in on this and assume they’re doing nothing but having a good time. She tells them that her mother was always the healthiest person she knew and that all the fun they’ve had seems to be killing her. The doctor comes in and tells Kirsten that Rose has to have a triple bypass, a very serious operation. The girls want to know when they can see Rose. Kirsten makes it a point to tell the doctor they’re not related to her. She sees her mother just before surgery. She’s groggy from the anesthesia she was given and doesn’t make much sense. She tells Kirsten to kiss her goodbye. Kirsten says everything will be fine but is understandably devastated.

Kirsten starts to panic. She says that her mother may need a lot of post operative therapy that isn’t covered by her insurance. The girls assure her that if she needs special care, they’ll see that she gets it. Kirsten is appreciative and talks to the doctor. She wants the girls to see Rose. She doesn’t look good, having just gotten out of surgery. Rose dreams that she, Dorothy, and Blanche wake up down the line with their heads frozen. Sophia comes in and says she was able to get a new body after tipping the guy. Rose wakes up and it looks like she’s going to be fine. She returns home and the ladies share a group hug.

Season 7, Episode 24: Home Again, Rose (Part Two)

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