Blanche wants to have a one-night-stand but forgot that her uncle Lucas is coming to town. After much persuading, she eventually convinces Dorothy that Lucas is dying to meet her. So she finally accepts. The two have a very awkward date at first. Dorothy explains that she doesn’t go out on blind dates. She only went because Blanche said how much he was looking forward to meeting her. Lucas said that Blanche told him that Dorothy was a lonely woman who was dying to meet him. The two decide that they must get Blanche back for this. Lucas comes up with the idea that they pretend as if they’re going to get married. Lucas comes to the house the next morning and “proposes.” Blanche is stunned, just stunned… oh, sorry, wrong episode. Her shock and horror eventually overcomes her and she faints. The two keep up their ruse. Blanche is upset because Dorothy seems to be stealing her destiny. She always thought it would be her closing out her life at Hollingsworth Manor.

Dorothy and Lucas go to a hardware convention. Dorothy suggests it might be more romantic if the next night they say that they went to the symphony and maybe frolicked on the beach. Lucas says they could always say they spent time kissing. Dorothy says she’d have to smear her lipstick for effect. Lucas offers to do it for her with a kiss. Rose announces that she’s going to move out. Blanche lashes out at her uncle and Dorothy saying that their foolishness is destroying the family and that she’ll be left all alone. Dorothy and Lucas realize things have gone too far. He comes up with a plan that they fake an argument. He’ll storm out and she’ll stay behind and call off the wedding. He says it won’t be easy to fake a fight with her. He says the time they’ve spent together has been some of his best since losing his wife. They’re about to kiss when Sophia comes in and announces the beginning of the southern feast she’s put together. Blanche, who overheard almost everything Dorothy and Lucas have said to each other has had a change of heart. She’s decided she’s not going to oppose their union. She’s going to celebrate it and ask God to bless it. Lucas stands up and says that he has something to say. He then turns to Dorothy and asks if she’ll marry him, for real this time. She accepts and the two kiss.

Season 7, Episode 25: One Flew Out of the Cuckoo's Nest (Part One)

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