Dorothy and Lucas are alone in the house for the first time since their engagement. They start to kiss but are interrupted by Sophia. Lucas tells Sophia that he can’t wait to be her son. Rose and Blanche enter the room but are interrupted by Dorothy. She doesn’t want them to say goodbye and turn it into a sad moment. Blanche said it’s difficult for her because everything happened so fast. Rose later tells Blanche that she’s upset with Dorothy. She doesn’t want them saying goodbye but she needs to. Sophia joins in and Rose asks for advice. She’s moving in with Kirsten and says that she’ll pretty much be the Sophia of that household. She asks her how she does it. Sophia tries to coach her. But Rose says that it’s not her style and that Sophia can speak her mind because she knows she’s needed. She’ll just feel like baggage at her daughter’s house. Sophia says she knows a place where Rose is needed. Blanche agrees and tells her to stay. She needs Rose to stay in her life and Rose agrees to it. Sophia sighs and says “goodbye, my girls.” The day of the wedding comes. Dorothy is on her way to the wedding and thinks that she’s being kidnapped because the driver is taking a different route. She demands the driver stop. He does and turns around, it’s Stan!! He says he’s not kidnapping her, he’s giving her his gift. He’s taking her to the church in style. He also just wanted a moment alone with her to give his blessing and show he cares. Dorothy admits that the reason he wasn’t sent an invitation is because things had been going so well that she didn’t want to deal with him. But she can’t pretend that he’s not a part of her. She thanks him and says for the first time in a long time, hes acting like a man. They say they love each other and head for the church.

At long last, it’s finally happening!! Dorothy is finally getting the man of her dreams. We hear her think to herself that she loves the man and that she’s finally conquered her desperation. They’re now married. Back at the house, Sophia and Dorothy have a heartfelt talk. But Sophia tells her that she’s not going to Atlanta with Dorothy and Lucas. Sophia is staying with Rose and Blanche and says that they need her. Dorothy says that she needs her too. Sophia says that what she needs now is to be married. It’s time to leave the nest and she thinks she’s given Dorothy the confidence to do that now. Dorothy says that her self-confidence is the greatest gift her mother could ever have given her. Dorothy and Lucas are ready to go on their honeymoon. Dorothy finally admits that this is goodbye. She tells the rest of the girls that their friendship was the greatest surprise she could ever have received at this point of her life. She says that the memories she’s shared with them are ones that she’ll wrap herself in when the world gets cold and she forgets that there are people who are warm and loving. She vows that the girls will always be her sisters before departing for the last time. Blanche, Rose, and Sophia start to cry and hug and console each other because they know that things will be different from this point on.

Season 7, Episode 26: One Flew Out of the Cuckoo's Nest (Part Two)

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