Sophia is still recovering from an injury to her ankles. Dorothy decides to get a nurse for her since Dorothy will be unable to give her mother proper care because she’ll be at an education conference. Sophia is against the idea at first. She’s horrified when sees that the nurse is Nurse DeFarge who she knew from Shady Pines as the “Angel of Death.” Nurse DeFarge eventually convinces Sophia to approve her hire. They end up becoming very close, too close in the eyes of the rest of the girls. She fawns over Sophia but drive the rest of the ladies crazy. Dorothy decides to let her go but Sophia fakes a relapse of her injury and Nurse DeFarge says she can’t leave until Sophia is better, which Sophia slyly says won’t be for a long time.

Blanche’s granddaughter Melissa comes for a visit. She eventually decides to sign Melissa up for a local pageant. But she runs Melissa ragged with endless rehearsing. Melissa says they haven’t been able to do anything fun and she wants to go home. The pageant arrives and Melissa goes on stage. But she freezes and is unable to sing. Blanche tries to help her out but eventually takes over the song until Melissa runs off the stage. Blanche apologizes and Melissa eventually forgives her. Sophia realizes she’s alone and begins to sing and dance. But Dorothy comes home and sees this, and realizes that her mother has been faking still being hurt. Nurse DeFarge sees that Sophia is walking and is thrilled but realizes her time there is done. Dorothy asks why she lied. Sophia said it was because for the first time in her life, someone was pampering and waiting on her and it felt good. Dorothy says the reason she makes Sophia do things for herself is that she wants to keep her mother active and vital. Sophia understands and the two embrace.

Season 7, Episode 3: Beauty and the Beast

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