Blanche is having a hot tub installed at the house. Rose says she must be paying a lot to get a permit. Blanche has no intention of doing so. Rose ends up calling the city because she didn’t feel right being party to a lie. The permit doesn’t end up costing much but Rose reveals that they’re all renting from Blanche. Don, a city inspector, says that you can’t rent to more than two people without a boarding license. The license doesn’t cost all that much but the cost of improvements that will have to be made are more than Blanche even has for the hot tub. Don says she’ll have to lose a renter. Rose feels responsible so she says she’ll be the one to move. Dorothy suggests that Blanche could sell each of the girls a share of the house. This way, nobody will have to leave. She refuses at first but eventually decides that it will be the perfect solution. Nobody has to leave now.

Dorothy discovers that Sophia was married to someone else before she married Sal. She’s devastated that she was never told about this and that she seemingly doesn’t even know her own mother. Sophia says that there are some things a daughter shouldn’t know about her mother. They eventually fall into trading insults. Dorothy finally confronts Sophia and asks to know what happened. Sophia finally tells her everything. The man’s name is Guido Spirelli. It was an arranged marriage that Sophia had annulled. Two days after, she set sail for America. She mentioned that she went against centuries of tradition. You just don’t leave an arranged marriage. Dorothy understands. She’s been doing a family history and decides to include this information. She has a tape recorder and says that what Sophia did made her a pioneer in the women’s rights movement. She single-handedly dragged her family into the 20th century by refusing to be thought of as property. Instead, she decided to marry a man she loved. Sophia says that Dorothy has made her so proud. Dorothy says that she’s the one who’s proud. And the two share a heartfelt embrace.

Season 7, Episode 4: That's for Me to Know

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