Miles gives Rose a ring that symbolizes a full commitment to each other. Rose is excited at first but is startled when she opens the refrigerator. Rose and Charlie had agreed on a signal in the refrigerator that would tell her when he was trying to contact her from the other side. She thinks it must be about the ring. She says she’d give every last cent she had to talk to him once more. Sophia then pretends to be Charlie as a joke. Rose falls for it and says that he must be upset that she took the ring. Sophia agrees; Rose then calls Miles to tell him she can’t keep the ring. Dorothy is writing a letter to her father. She read that you can settle your feelings about someone even after they’re gone. She had some unresolved hurt about her father not always keeping promises. But she realized that he was a good father after all but she never really told her she loved him. So she writes a letter to Sophia telling her.

Blanche is dating Stevie who plays baseball. She convinces him to wear lingerie under his uniform so that he can discover the sensuality of baseball since baseball and making love have several things in common. His game does improve. But he breaks things off with Blanche because he gets an offer to play out of the area. He eventually realizes it’s not worth losing her over and shows up in a dress that probably came out of Madonna’s closet. He wants to go out and celebrate. She says she can’t go out with him because he was ready to throw their relationship away and she can’t forgive that. Spoiler alert- it was really about the dress. Sophia tells Rose what she did and Rose is furious and asks how she could be so cruel. Sophia apologizes and makes her realize that she has a good thing going with Miles. He comes over and she explains that she was afraid of committing. Miles understands and she gladly takes the ring back. The two kiss and all is right in their world again.

Season 7, Episode 5: Where's Charlie?

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