Rose accidentally grabs Jerry Kennedy’s planner. He’s a local news anchor Rose works with. He comes to the house and meets Blanche who is highly attracted to him. They go out and have a great time. Jerry’s mother comes to the house and tells Blanche to keep her hands off him. She says he’s very special and she’s the only one who can take proper care of him. Rose is supposed to give Jerry a roast in a couple of weeks and gets some great material. But she does a lousy job on picking up clues for material; and let’s just say that Dean Martin won’t be losing any sleep. Stan has started seeing a psychiatrist named Dr. Halperin. He asks Dorothy to go with her so that they can achieve closure. She reluctantly agrees. When they get there, Stan tells Dr. Halperin that he still loves Dorothy and begs him to put their relationship back together. During the session, Stan accidentally mentions Sophia’s name when talking about Dorothy. Dr Halperin realizes that it’s not Dorothy’s love that hes looking for, it’s Sophia’s. Sophia represents his own mother who passed away before the two could resolve their troubled relationship.

Sophia goes to the next session. Sophia pretty much says he couldn’t love him because of everything he’s done. He says he’s sorry if he hurt someone but he’s hurt himself worse. He asks if there was ever a time when she loved him. Sophia says that the day Michael was born, she saw such a bright and happy future in his smile. She realizes she did then and realizes she does now. She tells Stan that she does love him and the two share a heartfelt hug. Jerry and his mother come to the house. She continues her controlling ways. She goes so far as to say that she may not allow Jerry to continue seeing her. This sets Jerry off. He says his life is his own and she won’t run it anymore. He’s going to love the woman he wants to. Then he says he’s going back to his ex. Blanche is devastated. But she quickly cheers up and goes out on the town.

Season 7, Episode 6: Mother Load

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