Dorothy is going out on a date with a handsome doctor. Sophia is upset that he’s not picking her up. She said they just decided to meet at the restaurant. Sophia says any man who doesn’t pick his date up is a jerk and Blanche agrees. Rose said that jerks love that restaurant. She recounts an date she spent there with a huge jerk. He’s confronted by two exes and the male waiter who were all hurt by him. He ends up being arrested and Rose says she wants nothing to do with him. But she said does end up seeing him once more. Blanche tells a story about an evening she and Rose spent a few years back. Blanche was thrown out of the Rusty Anchor and brought home two brothers, Bob and Arnie. Blanche finds out that Bob was a priest and also a virgin. She’s excited and says this brings out the artist in her. Arnie claims that his wife died and says that Rose can help him by holding him and comforting him. He kisses Rose but she eventually tells him off because he thinks she’ll sleep with him just because he’s a widower. Bob says that his wife isn’t dead. She’s at a weight loss center. Rose throws him out.

Rose is upset and wonders why someone would want to sleep with someone they’ve only known a few hours. She wonders what good making love is if there isn’t an emotional connection. Bob agrees and vows to get on his knees and beg for forgiveness. Sophia recalls the time Dorothy told her she was pregnant. Sophia was trying to get her friend’s son to ask Dorothy out so that she’d stop dating Stan. Dorothy comes home and breaks the news. Sophia is disappointed but vows to be there for her. Dorothy finally comes home. She had a wonderful time. She starts to tell how her date went but coyly says she can’t because she’s too shy.

Season 7, Episode 7: Dateline Miami

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