Gloria is coming for a visit. Dorothy is unhappy as the two haven’t always gotten along. Dorothy says that her sister always puts down how she lives her life. And all she ever talks about is how much money she has. Sophia tells her that Gloria has gone broke and Dorothy is beyond elated. Sophia asks Dorothy not to say anything to Gloria about losing her money. Dorothy says she’s wouldn’t do such a thing… because she wants to hear Gloria say it herself. She arrives and soon starts pushing Dorothy’s buttons. Stan comes by to take Dorothy to their final joint session with Dr. Halperin. As part of his treatment (this guy is a quack!!), he’s gotten Stan to transfer his love from Dorothy to a fake monkey. Dr. Halperin has shown Stan that he can be happy with an inanimate object and no longer needs the monkey. But Stan doesn’t seem to want to let go. Dr. Halperin suggests as the final course of treatment that the two have no contact for a certain period of time.

Gloria breaks down crying. She tried to convince herself that she was okay despite having lost all of her money. She feels lost and alone. Dorothy says she can introduce Gloria to some men. But she doesn’t have a good time with any of them. She feels her life is a frightening gaping “maw” that’s consuming her. Dorothy comforts her and says they can use this as a time to get to know each other again. Rose is heading up a telethon to save the McKinley Lighthouse. Blanche helps her audition talent. But she keeps turning away the women who audition and accepting all the men. Sophia says that there’s a hurricane a-coming. Dorothy doesn’t believe her. But she’s eventually proven right. Dorothy says she won’t let any bad news bring her down. She’s too happy right now. Stan is out of her life and Gloria is back in it. But her jubilation turns to shock and dismay when she sees Gloria in bed with Stan. The episode closes out with Dorothy fainting.

Season 7, Episode 8: The Monkey Show (Part One)

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