Dorothy wakes up after her fainting spell. She’s relieved at first, thinking it was all a dream. But Stan emerges from the bedroom wearing one of Dorothy’s robes and she realizes that it was all real. She asks Stan and Gloria how they could do this to her. They said they were frightened by the storm and lost control. Gloria reveals that it was Sophia who fixed them up. Dorothy lashes out at her mother saying she can’t and won’t take any more of her meddling. Sophia leaves the house in a huff without telling anyone. Dorothy tries to find her. The police show up saying that everyone on the block has to evacuate. Dorothy says she needs to check the bedrooms to look for Sophia. But all she finds is Stan and Gloria in bed again. Dorothy is dumbstruck and furious. The officers say they’ll have to put their issues on hold and go with them. They then all leave for the shelter.

Sophia goes to Angelo’s apartment for advice. Angelo’s says she did wrong by Dorothy and must make it right. They try and leave for the shelter but the entrance gets blocked by fallen debris due to the storm and they can’t get out. The telethon is a disaster. Only one act has shown up. But it doesn’t matter as the telethon doesn’t last long. The McKinley Lighthouse ends up being completely destroyed. The network switches over to television coverage of the storm and the studio has been designated an official shelter. Sophia makes it to the shelter and Dorothy is relieved. Gloria apologizes to Dorothy for everything. Dorothy forgives her and is just thrilled to have everyone safe. Sophia also apologizes to Dorothy and the two hug.

Season 7, Episode 9: The Monkey Show (Part Two)

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