She’s the grandmother we all wish we had. Sophia was funny, sassy, and able to say exactly what was on her mind. Her stroke may have destroyed her ability to filter what she said, but Sophia was speaking her mind long before that.

Always ready with just the right anecdote for a given situation, you never knew what pearls of wisdom would come from her. How well do you know Sophia? Take our quiz and find out.

Sophia Petrillo

How did you do? Did you get more questions right than the number of grandchildren Sophia has? Or are you a worse quiz taker than Sophia is a ventriloquist? Comment in our Facebook group or on our page with your score as well as your favorite Sophia moments and memories. Please be sure to share this quiz. By the way, did you take our quizzes on DorothyBlanche, and Rose yet? If not, what are you waiting for you baciagaloop?