Like any great sitcom, The Golden Girls provides hundreds of relatable moments. Some are happy, some are touching like these heartwarming moments between mother and daughter. There are also incredibly sad moments which show us that sitcoms aren’t always smiles and laughter. And even still, there are some moments that are joyous or moving to the point where we the viewer end up crying happy tears. You see examples of this throughout quite a few episodes.

The same goes for some episode endings. Many episode endings are rather standard, containing nothing particularly memorable or conspicuous about them. But there are some that are hilarious, poignant, or touching to the point of moving us to tears, either sad or happy.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at episode endings that had us crying happy tears for differing reasons. Whether it was due to a heartwarming moment between the girls, sisters making up after not speaking for decades, or anything else, these endings certainly activated the waterworks. Let’s have a look at ten Golden Girls episode endings that had us crying happy tears.