There were a number of one-time characters who could have helped change the show entirely. There was Truby who would have become the new roommate had Dorothy’s second marriage to Stan taken place. There was Harry whose marriage to Blanche may have resulted in the rest of the girls eventually having to move out. The Boscos fall into this category as well. When arriving with a stunning revelation that the daughters may have been accidentally switched at the hospital, it had the potential of upending the show entirely.

This quiz is all about the Boscos. Try it out and see how well you know the family. When you’ve finished, don’t forget to comment in our Facebook group or page with your score.

The Boscos

How did you do? Did you do better than Mrs. Bosco did at making things super awkward between her and Blanche or did you score lower than Debbie Tanzy made Dorothy feel at first? Comment in our Facebook group or on our page with your score as well as your favorite moments and memories of the Boscos. When you’ve finished, be sure to take our quiz on New York City references.