What is it with the Zbornak men? If it isn’t Ted using Dorothy to wrangle a babysitter for his kids, it’s Stan and Michael being petulant man children. The men of the Zbornak family all leave a lot to be desired in the character department.

We’ll take a look at five examples of the Zbornak men being absolute stinkers. When you’ve finished with our list, try out our Stan Zbornak quiz if you haven’t taken it yet.

Stan Wears Out His Welcome

Stan has heart surgery and spends his recovery at the house. It doesn’t take long for him to drive everyone up a wall. He breaks Rose’s ceremonial wedding plate, runs off Blanche’s boyfriend due to his big mouth, and annoys Sophia to no end. He makes himself quite comfortable. The rest of the girls point out that he’ll never want to leave at this rate. Ironically, Dorothy is the most patient with him, not realizing that he’s taking advantage. But she eventually catches on when she sees that he faked his relapse. She tells him it’s finally time to “leave the nest.”

Michael Won’t Grow up

Michael comes for a visit. He’s recently separated from his wife who’s expecting. He also quit his job. He’s done nothing but lie on the beach since he came to the house. He decides to take his dad out for dinner and drinks. But he needs to borrow money from Dorothy. He snaps at her when she questions if he really wants to borrow money from his mom at his age. Dorothy throws him out in an effort to help him grow up a little. He moves in with Stan. But even he sees that Michael is headed in the wrong direction. And he also throws him out. He was able to get his job back and leaves. Dorothy wonders if he’ll ever forgive her. But she’s secure in the knowledge that she did the right thing.

Dorothy Tells Stan off

Stan returns for Kate’s wedding. It’s the first time Dorothy has seen him since their divorce. After being at each other’s throats throughout the reception, Stan gets ready to leave. Dorothy asks to see him on the lanai. She tells him off, explaining to him how badly she felt at the way he ended things- by having his lawyer call her informing her that the marriage was over. She tells Stan that he had a choice to make and what he did was rotten. But she finally gets to have what he tried to cheat her out of. She finally gets to say goodbye to Stanley.

Ted Shows His True Colors

Stan’s brother Ted comes for a visit. Blanche takes a liking to him and they go on a date. But Ted doesn’t have a great time. He runs into Dorothy and they go for a drink. They end up spending the night together. Blanche is aghast and picks a fight with Dorothy. Stan isn’t thrilled either. Ted and Dorothy are out dancing. Stan stops by and tells Dorothy that he thinks Ted is going to ask her to marry him. He says he met a beautiful stewardess on the plane and wants to take her to Acapulco. But she needs a sitter for his kids and asks Dorothy if she’d watch them. Dorothy realizes that Ted is as big a jerk as Blanche said he was and the two make up.


Stan and Dorothy almost get married again. Right before the wedding, Stan introduces his best man, attorney and palimony king Marvin Mitchelson. On Mitchelson’s advice, Stan asks Dorothy to sign a prenuptial agreement stating that what’s his is his and what’s hers is hers. Dorothy asks what happened to trust and honesty. She says she doesn’t want his money and breaks off the engagement.

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