The Golden Girls had so many memorable scenes. And that was just as true when it came to dream sequence scenes. The perfect number for our list, there were four dream sequence scenes and one dream that took up the plot of almost an entire episode.

The final topic on our list just may be the funniest moment in the entire series. Let’s take a look at each of the dream sequence scenes on The Golden Girls.


Rose writes a letter to Soviet premier Gorbachev. He is incredibly touched by the letter and wants to meet with Rose to discuss nuclear disarmament. We later find out that there’s one major problem. Gorbachev thought the letter was written by a nine-year-old girl. But before this happens, Rose being full of excitement dreams that she gives an address in Red Square.


Jeopardy! is coming to Miami. It’s Dorothy’s favorite program and she’s super excited. She wants so badly to appear on the show. She goes overboard with the studying and falls asleep and dreams that she’s on the show. But this is Jeopardy! in another dimension. Rose is a returning, champion and Cary Grant is buried in Grant’s Tomb.


This dream sequence was a little different as it took place throughout most of an entire episode. Blanche dreams that George never really died. She finds out that George was going to be framed for the embezzlement that his partner committed and felt he had no choice but to stage his death to avoid getting in trouble. George comes back nine years later and wants to get back together with her. We find out that this was a recurring dream and that Blanche always wakes up just before she gets to hug George again. But this time she didn’t and it made her feel a lot better.


Rose has been dating Jonathan for several weeks. She thinks that he’s going to pop the question and she’s just not sure she can go through with it. She’s embarrassed about his height and worried what others will think. She has a dream about it and it helps her make up her mind to continue seeing him. Shrimp?

We’re Heads!!!

Probably the funniest single scene in the whole show, Rose has a major health scare that lands her in the hospital, and eventually goes into cardiac arrest. While in the hospital, she tells the girls her desire to have her head frozen and gets them to reluctantly promise to do the same thing. After her surgery, she dreams that they wake up 100 years later with their heads frozen. There are so many hilarious moments throughout this scene. From Blanche threatening to strangle Rose and Rose asking her what with to Sophia having the body of a 25 year old.

And those were the five dream sequences from The Golden Girls. Which one of these was your favorite? Comment in our Facebook group or on our page with your favorite moments and memories from these scenes. Please be sure to share this article. Have you read our post on five times Rose was a complete boss?